WP6 consists of ten tasks: 

  1. A low carbon future, and business models in the hydrogen value chain
  2. Sustainability and energy assessments in the maritime sector
  3. Regulating sea spaces for hydrogen and other maritime users
  4. The Geography of Hydrogen: Hubs and linkages, risk and knowledge
  5. North Sea Hydrogen-based Energy Hubs
  6. Financing hydrogen investment
  7. Contracts & strategies for the commercialization of hydrogen
  8. Modelling interaction in electricity, gas and hydrogen markets
  9. European politics and policies shaping hydrogen value chain development and actor’s strategies
  10. Key European market conditions: power, CO2, gas, hydrogen and energy intensive tradable products

Gunnar S. Eskeland: WP6 Lead

Gunnar S. Eskeland is a Professor of Resource and Environmental Economics. Eskeland, who received his Dr. Oecon. degree in Economics from NHH in 2001, has worked in developing countries in senior research positions at the World Bank. Applications include environmental protection, transport and air quality, energy economics, shipping markets, climate policy. Recent work on climate change has included energy sector analysis, European policy review, research on technological change and an R&D treaty. Eskeland is heavily involved in the Master’s profile in Energy, Natural Resources and the Environment, with an international student body, and is directing the Energy and Climate research program.

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Ignacio Herrera Anchustegui: WP6 Co-Lead

Anchustegui is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Bergen, and member of the Bergen Center for Competition Law & Economics (BECCLE) and Bergen Offshore Wind Centre (BOW). Anchustegui currently lead the Research group for Natural Resource Law, Environmental Law and Development Law. His research interests are connected with the regulation of energy markets with a special emphasis on the regulation of offshore energy, offshore wind and new energy technologies, like hydrogen. Also, Anchustegui have devoted a good part of his academic career to market and competition issues in the field of public procurement and buyer power.

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