WP2 consists of four tasks: 

  1. Efficient transport and distribution systems
  2. Robust metering for supply chains
  3. Large scale and flexible storage systems
  4. Regulation and standardization of transport, storage, and custody transfer infrastructure

Nematollah Zamani: WP2 Lead

Nematollah Zamani is a senior researcher at NORCE. Zamani is specialized in numerical modelling and multiphase- multicomponent flow in porous media and holds a PhD degree in applied physics from the University of Bergen. Zamani leads work package 2 on Storage and Distribution.

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Kjetil Folgerø: WP2 Co-Lead

Chief scientist Kjetil Folgerø works at NORCE. He has core competence within electromagnetic measurement technologies, flow measurement and uncertainty analysis of complex measurement systems. Folgerø coordinates NORCEs national and international work on measurement challenges related to custody transfer and fiscal metering of hydrogen. Folgerø is the deputy leader of work package 2 on Storage and Distribution, including tasks-leader 2.1: Robust metering for supply chains. With relevance to hydrogen and HyValue, Kjetil also leads a work package on uncertianty analysis in the EURAMET project "Metrology for the hydrogen supply chain (Met4H2), including the associated KSP-project, HyMe – Reliable metering for the hydrogen supply chain (2023-2026)

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