WP2 consists of four tasks: 

  1. Efficient transport and distribution systems
  2. Robust metering for supply chains
  3. Large scale and flexible storage systems
  4. Regulation and standardization of transport, storage, and custody transfer infrastructure

Nicole Dopffel: WP2 Lead

Dr. Nicole Dopffel is a senior scientist at NORCE. During Dopffel´s PhD she specialized in anaerobic and subsurface microbiology with the general topic of microbial iron oxidation and iron reduction. From 2014 until 2019 Dopffel worked as lab team leader and research scientist at the R&D department of the chemical company BASF in Germany where she mainly worked on oilfield-related topics including souring, corrosion, and microbial contamination problems. From 2019 Dopffel started working at NORCE, where she is actively working on microbial effects on H2 underground storage in industry and research council-funded projects. Furthermore, she is an expert and subtask co-lead in the newly started IEA (International Energy Agency) hydrogen TCP 42 for H2 underground storage.

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Kjetil Folgerø: WP2 Co-Lead

Folgerø is a chief Scientist within Measurement Science. He has core competence within electromagnetic measurement technologies, flow measurement and uncertainty analysis of complex measurement systems. Today Folgerø is coordinating NORCEs national and international work on measurement challenges related to custody transfer and fiscal metering of hydrogen.

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