Affiliation: NORCE and University of Oslo
Period: 01.11.2018-31.10.2023
Sabrina Sartori, Phd, UiO (main supervisor)
Antonie Oosterkamp, PhD, NORCE (co-supervisor)
Truls Eivind Norby, PhD, UiO (co-supervisor)

The aim of this PhD project is to analyze technical and economic aspects of hydrogen as an energy storage medium and energy carrier in combination with renewable energy, first broadly and then with a focus on the combination between offshore wind power and green hydrogen production. The first part was an evaluation of the state-of-the-art within systems that use hydrogen as energy storage in electricity systems, with the goal of identifying the main advantages and disadvantages with these systems. The main part of the project focuses on the production of hydrogen through electrolysis using electricity from offshore wind turbines. The production process is simulated in computer models with real-world data from a floating offshore wind turbine as input. An important part of the modelling is the development of energy management strategies that aims to control and optimize the production process both technically and economically. Techno-economic analyses are performed to calculate the levelized cost of hydrogen in different scenarios, both for current and for possible future scenarios.

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