Affiliation: Ulla-Førre Foundation founded project “Safety Culture in Green Maritime Industries” at HVL.
Period: 15.09.2022-15.09.2026
Supervisor(s)/Mentor(s): Velaug Myrseth Oltedal, Andrés Franklin Olivares Lopez, Pawel Jan Kosinski

The primary objective of this project is to conduct a comprehensive examination of the technical implications associated with the variability of power sources and their impact on the electrolysis system. This study seeks to ascertain the optimal sizing of electrolyzers when confronted with variable power inputs, such as those encountered in the context of wind power and small run-of-river power plants lacking reservoirs. The central emphasis of the investigation revolves around the production of hydrogen, with a particular focus on its generation from variable power sources. The overarching aim of this endeavor is to develop a robust model that can be readily employed by the industry for the purpose of sizing electrolyzers under variable power conditions. To achieve this objective, a comprehensive assessment of the hydrogen production process, coupled with a rigorous economic analysis, will be conducted. These evaluations will be executed through computer-based simulations utilizing the MATLAB platform.

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