Full name: Ingrid Marie Stuen
Affiliation: University of Bergen / HyMe
Period: 13.06.2023 – 12.06.2026
Supervisor(s)/Mentor(s): Camilla Sætre and Kjetil Folgerø

My PhD project is part of the HyMe, “Reliable metering for the hydrogen supply chain”, research project. The project will focus on metering in large-volume supply chains with transfer of pure hydrogen gas in pipelines. For custody transfer of hydrogen, it is a prerequisite that the quantity and quality are measured accurately and can be traced to international standards. In my part of the project, I will focus on identifying supply chain nodes where there is a large risk of losses and/or quality degradation. The detection of losses and quality degradation is important both from a cost and safety point of view. By assessing the possible critical points together with calculations, mathematical modelling, equations of state and analysis of each component of the supply chain, it is possible to gain knowledge that can lead to a substantial reduction of supply chain losses. We aim to establish energy/mass-balance equations and quality models with uncertainty. Another goal of the project is to investigate measures to improve loss and degradation detection.

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