Affiliation: University of Stavanger
Supervisor(s)/Mentor(s): Jon Tømmerås Selvik, Eirik Bjorheim Abrahamsen and Ove Njå


The project aim is to create new knowledge and understanding about the safety concerns associated with hydrogen. This includes studying the inherent risks and best practices for the hydrogen value chain and developing strategies to mitigate potential hazards associated with the hydrogen value chain. The project aims not only to enhance understanding of hydrogen safety but also to build the necessary expertise and share these insights broadly to facilitate the safe and effective integration of hydrogen technologies into society. An essential part of my project is disseminating the knowledge gained. This involves sharing findings and insights with stakeholders such as policymakers, industry professionals, researchers, and potentially the wider public. The goal is to ensure that the safety insights gained from the project reach a broad audience, influencing best practices and informed decision-making in the use of hydrogen. Establishing a solid societal foundation and framework conditions necessary for the growth of the hydrogen energy sector.

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